New Mariska set atasan+celana panjang bhn balotelli fit l @105

Juliet blouse salur bhn katun fit l @75

Kemeja cathy bhn katun sablon fit l @75

Tsum ikat bahan katun sablon fit l @80

Polkadot maxi set 2in1 inner katun+rok wolfis fit l @110

Khadijah syari bhn wolfis fit l @135

Victoria parka jeans bhn jeans fit l @110

Zheva maxi bhn balotelli fit l @100

Eye jeans pants bhn jeans fit l @95

Aiira dress bhn balotelli fit l @95

Lestari blouse bhn katun mix wolfis fit l @75

Nabilla top bhn balotelli bordir fit l @80

Diamore denim bhn denim bordir fit l @85

Basketball jaket bhn jeans fit l @100

Sweater putih bordir bhn fleece fit l @58

Jaket bomber basic bhn lotto fit l @75


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